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Women and Alcohol Use

Did you wake up this morning mad at yourself (again!) for drinking too much the previous night?  Did you promise yourself you were only going to have a glass or two of wine but, as usual, you ended up drinking much more than that?  Are you wondering how you can exhibit self-control in other areas of your life but you can't control your alcohol consumption?

You may not define yourself as an alcoholic but you are aware that you are drinking more than is considered healthy.  You watch the clock each day waiting for that specific hour when you can start drinking.  Or perhaps you are more of a binge drinker where you do well for a period of time and then you lose control.  At times, you might be ashamed to admit that it is a problem and so you minimize and make excuses to yourself and to others for why you need to drink.  You would like some help and support to either better manage or stop drinking completely but you don't feel that AA is the place for you. You have considered discussing the issue with your doctor but embarrassment stops you from doing so.

Individual therapy is another option

I provide a safe and secure atmosphere for women who want to take back control of their lives.  I provide individual counseling for intelligent, hard-working, well-functioning women who want to address their drinking without being judged or shamed.  I will work with you on identifying the reasons your drink, the messages you tell yourself about your drinking as well as any triggers to your drinking.  Therapy will be very individualized to fit your needs and goals.  We will collaborate and work together as a team.

Imagine waking up each morning without a hangover and without guilt and knowing you have regained back control over your life.  Imagine the health benefits of drinking less. Imagine not having to wonder how you may have embarrassed yourself the previous night. Imagine waking up with a clear head and clear memories from the night before. And because alcohol is a depressant most people I have worked with have seen a significant improvement in their mood and actually experience less depression and anxiety in their lives.

I provide individual counselling for the following

  • individuals who have successful lives and are meeting their day-to-day responsibilities but are concerned about their drinking and how it may be affecting their jobs, family, friendships, and health.
  • individuals who are ready to be open and honest with themselves (and a therapist) about all aspects of their drinking.
  • individuals who are willing to share their successes and failures during the therapy process.

Face-to-face therapy as well as HIPPA compliant on-line therapy is available.

Our excesses are the best clue we have to our poverty and our best way of concealing it from ourselves.

— Adam Phillips, British Psychoanalyst