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If you recently found out that your spouse or loved one was having an affair you are probably feeling that your world has collapsed around you. It can seem like all your memories of your happily stable life was a lie. An affair can wipe out your ability to trust your partner but also trust yourself as well. You wonder how you could have been so naive, so oblivious, so dumb. You wonder who else knew. You have never felt so much anger in your life. You can't stop thinking about it and feel obsessed in your desire to know all the gritty details. However, getting more details does not make you feel any better but you can't help yourself.

If you are experiencing the aftermath of a affair I can help you deal with the myriad of emotions you are feeling. I provide a confidential, nonjudgmental and respectful approach that lets you examine, explore and express your thoughts and feelings related to the affair. Maybe you feel you can't tell anyone about the affair or maybe you feel your friends/family are feeling overburdened by all the support you need from them. I will help you deal more effectively with your anger, help you build back trust in yourself and help you work through the decision of staying in the relationship or moving on.

I provide couples or individual counseling for:

  • The aggrieved spouse who discovered their partner's infidelity and is trying to cope with their accompanied feelings of betrayal, anger and humiliation.
  • The person who engaged in the affair who would like to honestly examine the reasons for their affair and their decision to stray outside the marriage/relationship.
  • The person participating in an affair with someone who is married and needs a safe place to examine their role in the relationship triangle along with wondering if the other person will ever leave their spouse and marry them.

Face-to-face therapy as well as HIPPA compliant on-line therapy is available.