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LuAnn Cusic

LC Psychotherapy Services

Hi! My name is LuAnn and I am a licensed mental health counselor. I grew up in a small mid-western town and, as a child, I loved listening to stories. It could be an interesting book, a good movie or hearing someone talk about their own life.  As an adult I still love hearing people's life stories and learning how these stories have contributed to making them who they are today. This curiosity makes therapy more a quest for knowledge and allows little room for negative judgment and shame. This is especially important when working with issues such as infidelity and alcohol dependence. Being able to overcome the negative self-judgment can help facilitate change, which is the primary reason people seek therapy. I have an immense amount of respect for those who share their life story with me.

My education

I earned my undergraduate degree from Ohio State University and my graduate degree from Washington State University. Before moving to Florida in 2014, I was a licensed therapist in Maryland and Delaware. I have worked in a variety of different settings that have included working for the state, for the court system, and in private practice. While working in these different settings I have learned from people who were from from diverse backgrounds and cultures. My goal is to make everyone I see feel comfortable and welcomed.

My personal life

I was born and raised in Ohio but eventually ended up living and working in Delaware where I raised two children with my husband, Tom. Once our boys were grown and out of the house we decided to move to Florida to be closer to our grandchildren. I opened my practice in 2016.

I also see people with the following

Depression and other mood disorders, anxiety-related disorders, post traumatic stress and other trauma-related disorders.

In addition, I work with people who have

Issues related to life transitions and changes - including a move, a death of a loved one, divorce, unemployment, retirement, and illness.
And for anyone seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives...

Services provided for adolescents, adults, and couples

I use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and I am solution-focused with my clients. I enjoy working with clients who are searching for growth, meaning and a better quality of life. I see therapy as useful in not only getting help with a present crisis but also for those who have more long-term needs.