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5 Myths About Infidelity You Should Know

1. Men are more likely to cheat than women.

Okay, so this one is not a myth but women are catching up and the divide is narrowing. This is probably due to more women working outside the home, increase use of social media, and the increase in women drinking.

2. Once a cheater always a cheater.

There is not an easy answer to this one as you will find differing opinions on this issue depending on what expert you talk to. Besides, so many factors play into why someone cheats that it is impossible to generalize and say “he/she will always cheat again.” In spite of this uncertainty, there are serial cheaters out there who probably won’t change just as there are others who will never repeat the mistake again. It’s knowing how to determine the serial cheaters from the single offenders.

3. It’s best to end the relationship after infidelity occurs.

Although at times ending the marriage is the best option, it is not always the case. Many couples who experience infidelity stay together and become stronger. It takes a lot of work to do so but if couples (and particularly the offender) are willing to thoroughly explore the reasons for why the infidelity happened and make the necessary changes it can result in a better marriage or relationship.

4. Only couples who frequently argue and fight should worry about infidelity.

It’s not the arguing and disagreements that predict infidelity but it’s more about whether a person feels valued and understood by their partner. Some couples just don’t argue much but it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t hard feelings and resentment brooding underneath. Lack of communication regarding feelings, needs, and wants is more a predictor of infidelity. The couple that frequently fights might be communicating better than the couple that rarely fights.

5. Couples who are having consistent sex don’t cheat on each other.

Although this is a deterrent to cheating it is not a guarantee. One partner could still feel that sex isn’t happening frequently enough if their sex drives are different. Also, even if a couple is having sex on a regular basis one or both parties could be dissatisfied with the sex. Sex can become boring and routine for one or both partners or may lack the intimacy that one partner needs. Therefore, he/she may look outside the relationship to fulfill that need.