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Is Your Life Story Not Meeting Your Expectations... Are You Ready For A Change?

Therapy can provide the opportunity to solve problems and heal the heart. Therapy can also be a place of hope and new beginnings. Having a trusting, collaborative relationship with your therapist can provide a safe place for you to examine your challenges and build upon your strengths. It can provide the opportunity to explore faulty-thinking that leads to fear, stagnation and an unfulfilled life. Therapy can help you discover healthier ways of reacting to the world. It can be a place of self-discovery and healing.

I am able to help my clients create clear goals, but I am also flexible in providing the space for more open exploration when that is desired. My style is nonjudgmental, client-focused, and interactive. I ask questions when I have them and acknowledge patterns when I observe them. I consider you the expert about your life and I think of myself as a consultant whose job it is to examine meanings and look for answers. I will help you explore how events and relationships in your life have led you to where you are. And then I will work with you on how to develop healthier thinking and behavior patterns that can lead to more satisfaction and fulfillment.



Infidelity can rob a relationship of its heart and soul. Some marriages end after the discovery of an affair while others find a way to move forward. I provide confidential counselling for anyone involved in an affair triangle and wondering what to do next.

Women and Alcohol

As life becomes more hectic and stressful, drinking becomes more popular, especially as a way to unwind and de-stress. Alcohol consumption is increasing in women along with the pressure to drink. I provide supportive counseling to help you better manage your alcohol use.

My office is located in a quiet office building just north of Venice, Florida on the corner of Tamiami Trail and Sorrento Drive.

I have flexible hours, and I am in the office on most weekdays, including some Saturdays. For those residing in Florida, on-line counselling (e-therapy) is also an option. Please check out my About page for more information.